S. Sudan ‘Council of States’ endors 28 State “unanimously”

Juba – The Council of State of South Sudan has unanimously endorsed the order number 36/2015 for the creation of 28 State in South Sudan as decreed by President Salva Kirr early October this year, raising more concern about the implication the order may cause.

The Order has been passed today in Juba “unanimously” in Juba and believe to be effective from today, and President Kirr may soon or later disolve the current 10 states and reestablish the 28 state with him appointing their governors as well

The order was first meant as a ‘Presidential Decree’ believed to be over the endorsement of both the Parliament and the Council of State.

Last month, the parliament divided itself with many parliamentary caucus boycotted the sitting and some walked out of the deliberation. Less than the required number of parliamentary sitting over such bills was not met, but the bill was unanimously and probably illegally indorsed as some observers say.

The bill has now been endorse, on this histical 15th day of December, when the families of those who were massacred in Juba honor their loves ones in different parts of the world and in South  Sudan.

The Opposition is yet to react to this. Wangdunkon Media is establishing contact with the opposition and will update the public.

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