Dec 15th commemoration, a hours count down for S. Sudanese

News – South Sudanese have prepared in different areas to commemorate and observe the December 15th as a day where the Country was plunged into bloody conflict by its leaders.

The day is also in honoring the death of tenth of thousands Nuer ethnic groups who were massacred in Juba in a systematic maiming operation carried out by the Presidential recruited forces wich later escalated and put the fighting on ethnic basis.

Though hundreds of thousand South Sudanese marks the day, both at home and in diaspora, the goverment doesn’t recognize the day and would confront anyone seen doing the commemoration in all the control areas.

Hundred of South Sudan and Nuer community in particular will gather in different cities and Countries around the world to mark the day.

The SPLM/SPLA in opposition is also said to be marking the day, but Wangdunkon Media could not independently verify this.

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