US Lawmakers lash out at South Sudanese Diplomats and govt.

Juba – US officials were not having bats in the belfry! The situation is probably worse than what the US knows! but they have at least said the least. look below:

“I would be embarrassed to be in a hearing like this. I would be embarrassed to send out the kind of press release that you sent out prior to this hearing. I don’t know what kind of government you represent” ~ Bob Corker, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman tells South Sudanese Diplomats yesterday in Washington – US

“I don’t know how representatives of South Sudan can show up at these types of meetings without being totally embarrassed by the actions of the government,” Corker continued.

Those and many more are words which can only be utters to South Sudan’s tribal appointed diplomats, not qualified personalities!

The hearing under the title:  “Independent South Sudan: A failure of leadership.” was organize with the Senators speaking and the South Sudan Diplomats were shut up, silenced as pupils.

In the same hearing, the US lawmakers made it clear that the US govt will not tolerate the South Sudan status quo.

“I think Congress will pass a ‘Plan B’. It’s a matter of when, if the peace process doesn’t go forward. I’m not sure what that Plan B is going to be – I do not want to undermine the peace process, but we will not tolerate the status quo. We just won’t,” Said another Senator, Ben Cardin

“people are being brutalized,” referring to South Sudan govt’s brutality which includes the ongoing “rape camps” run by a government militia in Unity State.