SPLM convention called off, Salva Kiir describes party members “dogs”

Juba – South Sudan President Salva Kiir describes some senior members within the ruling party as dogs who never learn , describing that “when you  beat a dog, it will still come back to you and  look at you with the same eyes and the same attitude”

He accuses some members of  having plans to grasp leadership from him.

According to some senior officials whose names are withheld for security reason, there is a huge political rift among  SPLM members in government over party leadership and who will take over as many people are prepared to succeed Salva in case of anything including death.

The Jieng Council of Elders ( JCE ) are advocating for Paul Malong,  the current chief of staffs of the SPLA, to succeed salva Kiir to block Wani Igga who is currently  holding position of vice president and would be the legal successor for Kirr in case of anything leading to Kirr getting out of power.

Some senior members are also supporting the current defense minister Kuol Manyang Juuk to replace Kiir.

Political confusion is befalling Salva Kiir’s govt in Juba as extraordinary convention for the party has been called off. The meeting was rescinded under mysterious circumstances.

“There is eminent split in the party should the way things are being planned go the same direction” according to senior members who refused to be named, He describes Salva Kiir’s statement as irresponsible, highlighting further that  “this statement will scratch healed wounds and will  create more internal rift in the party”

He said “the statement puts Arusha Reunification Agreement in jeopardy and accused some senior party members of working against the implementation of the agreement that was signed in August this year by both parties

those who are benefiting from this chaotic situation want to continue enjoying the suffering of the people of South Sudan.

In separate development, the advance team of opposition’s arrival in Juba has been cancelled until further notice. The govt in Juba has been putting more obstacles on the operationalization of the agreement. The arrival of the advance team has been put on hold several times.

According to the statement released Micheal by Makuei Lueth early this week, the govt needs only 30 people from the opposition to avoid security risk.