Micheal Makuei said, govt is ready to receive 30 members of SPLA / IO advance team.

Juba– The  official spokesperson of the government and minister of information Micheal Makuei Lueth said the govt is ready to reach 30 members of SPLA / IO advance team, he said govt is not ready to receive a huge advance team of more than 500 members in Juba, due to security  risk in which he didn’t elaborate.

He further said that we are not ready to transport some opposition members to the states because there are some logistical setbacks and security issues to be sorted out first before their deployment to the states.


According to the opposition, the advance team is ready to come to Juba this week to commence the full implement the compromise peace agreement.

The govt in Juba has been dragging it’s feet to kick off the implementation of the agreement signed by the two parties, some members from Juba govt are still working against peace to return day and night and to impede its implementation by creating hurdles and  obstacles according to sources who talked to wangdunkoneditorial team, they are questioning govt position of  why the govt keeps on changing positions everyday.

The opposition advance team are due to arrive this Friday according to information released by both sides early last week.

In separate development,  the ruling party (SPLM) in government is conducting an extraordinary convention on Saturday in Juba, no clear information about the convention outlined.

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