Situation worsen in Yambio; Governor declare war against “Arrow Boys”

Yambio – Following the overnight shooting and the fighting between govt troops and the Arrow Boys in Yambio town, the situation has just continued to worsen as govt prepare for an all-out war against Arrows boys.

Last night, Arrow Boys made a huge present in the town of Yambio attacking the govt officials and soldiers including patroling police. A group of policemen move with pick-up vehicle in a night patrol was attacked by the arrow boys killing two police members and burned the vehicle.

Many more attacks and killing happened throughout the night targetting goverment officials and more specifically the army and police officers’ places.

Governor goes ballistic, declare war against Arrow Boys

The Caretaker governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Mr. Patrick Raphael Zamoi, who has allegedly been seen blocking any fight against the group has finally gone ballistic, frustrated and declared war against the group.

In his address this afternoon, Mr. Zamoi said “the Arrow Boys must now be pursued to their areas of hiding” continuing that their atrocities be be put to end.

The Arrow boys are currently pushed out of Yambio town as goverment soldiers also prepare for their pursuing.

Citizens vacate Yambio town

The civilians have massively vacated the town of Yambio with some going to ADRA office in the town and more others to the bushes. ADRA have reportedly opened its door for the civilians allowing thousand into their compound.

Yambio town is currently emptied with only the army in control and moving around the towns in huge numbers.