Govt troops on “looting operation” in Yambio town

Yambio – Sources have reached out to Wangdunkon Media in Yambio indicating that the army has begun a looing exercise in and around the town of Yambio as civilians vacate their houses for safety.

“As we speak, they are now looting the town they (government soldiers) are on looting operation in the town. They are going now here but looting” ~ a man who prefered anonymity said to Wangdunkon Media

According to the previous reports as reported by Wangdunkon Media, the caretaker governor of the state ordered the army to fight the Arrow Boys and pursue them to their areas of hiding. However, this has not happened. The army instead went on looting in the town as civilians have vacated their houses.

The Arrow boys are believes to have not gone far from the town but it’s not clear if they have power and intention to launch another attack on the goverment in the town of Yambio.

The situation in Yambio has remains delicate with civilians still in hiding.