SPLM/A-IO’s Advance Team to arrive in Juba on Friday

Pagak – The ‘first group’ of the SPLM-IO’s Advance team is set to arrive in Juba on Friday 11 Dec, 2015 this week.

The first group is made up of 262 members including Gen. Taban Deng Gai and will arrive in Juba on Friday with logistical support from IGAD. Gatdet Dak, the spokespersons of the SPLM/A (IO) chairman confirmed to Wangdunkon Media when contacted on phone

The remaining 339 members of the Advance Team will be sub divided into three smaller groups and will be transported later between the 18th and 22nd of this month to follow the first team.

Combining the above figures, the Advance Team is no longer 550 or 560, but 601 now.

Most of the members of the advance team, according to James Gatdet, are currently in Pagak where they will be pick by buses to Gambella of Ethiopia en-route to Juba International Airport by air.

Responding to the government’s concern over the numbers of Advance Team, Gatdet said “the goverment should appreciate the number instead” since it will greatly help in speeding up the peace agreement implementation considering the numbers of Counties and Payams which need to be covered and visited by the team in the Country.

Internal logistical supports after arrival

After arrival in Juba, it’s expected that the goverment will cater for the accommodations and other logistical supports including their travel cost to states and Counties as part of enlightening people about the peace agreement.

Should there be constrain regarding the logistical support cost, Gatdet explains that the GRSS, SPLM/A-IO and UNMISS will put thoughts and hands together and seek for support from International community and especially those who have been supporting the peace agreement.

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