Latest updates from Juba’s Jabel area shooting

Following the previously reported fighting among the govt troops in Juba,  Wangdunkon Media have contacted different sources in Juba and below are the different explanation to what happened:
  • One sources said that a drunk soldier from Tiger Battalion came and opened fire on his colleagues, shooting dead 2 of them before he was also killed and later followed by random shooting among the Tiger soldiers in Jabel


  • Another sources explained that a man (Tiger soldier) went and found his wife was at home in the house with another man and the former open the fire on the later killing the two of them on spots. Then, when the people were coming to rescue the deceased, the man opened fire at the crowd including the Tiger soldiers who were also in in the crowd, furthering the shooting in the residence of Jabel area


  • Source number which is the previously reported sources says a man angered (reason unknown) at his collaugue and shot him dead. When the close friend to the deceased tried to shoot back at the shooter, the later’s close friends couldn’t stay back from facing the deceased’s close friends, trigering the fighting among the tiger soldiers.

The situation, according to our sources is back to normal but Wangdunkon media have not yet gotten a statement from a person of Authority to explain what the authority says about the heavy shooting.

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