Collapsing Eceonomy

Prices skyrocketed in Torit as new rebellions blocks roads

Torit – Prices have skyrocketed as result of roads blocks by the new rebellion in Eastern Equatoria State.

The new rebellion, calling itself as South Sudan Federal Democratic Party/South Sudan Armed Force, have block both Torit-Nimuli road and Torit-Juba road preventing goods from reaching the State Capital.

Prices have just gone unfavorable as shops are getting empty with no hope of getting goods anywhere if the roads remains blocked.

Anonymous sources in the goverment of Eastern Equatoria says the State goverment is “able only to protect the State capital” from any threat as the new rebellion have so far threaten to overrun Torit town, but “not to go out for road clearance or opening unless there is an intervention from the National goverment”

Citizens in Torit town are stranded with hope of vacating the town but with no means and possibility to do so as goverment threaten action for those who want to leave the town on ground that there is pending threat on Torit.

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