Eastern Equatoria based rebels divulge the rebellion’s fighting objectives

Eastern Equatoria – The Eastern Equatoria based rebellion, now known as South Sudan Federal Democratic Party with its army wing as South Sudan Armed Force, has divulge the rebellion’s fighting objectives.

According to the group, the objectives which are entirely similar to the main armed opposition’s objectives, are to:

  • Make South Sudan a federal democratic country on the basis of equality, rule of law, democratic system of governance
  • Making South Sudan a multi-political party Country with all the parties having equal rights and opportunities in the governance of the Country, especially with equal chance of winning public offices position during elections
  • Accused Kirr’s of incompetency and lack of vision to lead the Country demanding that he either steps down or get overthrown
  • Transformation of the Country to its historical vision of freedom, democracy, rule of law among others.

It’s too early to state whether there maybe an alliance by the group with the main opposition group, The SPLM in Opposition since the objectives are more or less the same.

Despite the signed peace agreement in the Country, rebellions are abruptly arising almost from every corner, all pointing guns agains the goverment of President Salva Kir. One of those rebellion is in Upper Nile State fighting for the reversal of the 28 state. Another is in Western Equatoria fighting for resistance of the goverment and this latest one now in Eastern Equatoria with fighting objective highlighted above.

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  1. Jaang started to rebel against the national constitution hoping to regain loss territories to the Nuer and at the same time land grabbing other smaller tribes lands with impunity.


  2. Great move freedom fighters, for peace to hold than the killer Salva Kiir’s abd his own tribal organization known as Jieng Council of Elders must be dismantled for good. Otherwise , the vision of federalism and democratic rule won’t materialized at all. Kiir Mayardit must go whether via bullets or ballot boxes. He is incompetent, visionless, antidemocratic, anti-federalist, anti-peaceful co-existence between diversity communities in South Sudan. Moreover, he is Puppet President drive by Uganda President Yoweri Musevenni. Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime is the worse goverment ever and it is more brutal than Id Amin Dada whose government had killed 3 millions Ugandans citizens mercilessly . The style of Salva Kiir’s goverment is similar to that of Boko Haram of Nigeria, LRA of Joseph Kony of Uganda, Shabaab of Somalia and Islamic State of Syria . They share brutal persecutions of beheaded their victims, gang rapings and sexual slavery, razed towns to grounds and burning the innocent civilians alive, chopping women’s breasts and kicking to dead small babies and kids, hanging elderly people and mocked at them like Pharisees who crucified Jesus Christ at Holy Cross in Calvary at de time. Hence, it is a big curse to have him in South Sudan as President of Republic .