Kirr endorsed Arrow Boys’s Peace pack with the goverment

WES – President Kirr has endorsed the peace agreement signed between the WES based ‘Arrow Boys’, signed last month with the goverment of Western Equatoria alongside SPLA present in the area.

The faction of Arrow boys which signed peace agreement with the goverment is the one based in Gangura while the remaining two bases, Bazungua and Li-rangu, remains in alliance with the SPLA in Opposition.

The two Arrow boys factions, Li-rangu and Bazungua, remains active in resisting the goverment in the area while awaiting to be integrated with the SPLA (IO).

Though this peace agreement is endorsed by Kirr, it’s not expected that it will bring a total peace and stability in Western Equatoria as other more active factions of the said groups and the SPLA (IO) are still in a huge present in the state, unless a total peace is realized Countrywide.

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