Govt, UNMISS and IGAD in quandary over SPLM-IO’s Advance Team travel to Juba

Updates – The SPLM in Opposition’s Advance team has been delayed several times after many attempts to let the team set off for Juba.

Both UNMISS and IGAD have been in quandary over the logistical arrangement for the team to travel from Pagak to Juba.

UNMISS said they would only transports about 50 person out of the proposed 560 members.

IGAD in the other hands has been silent on the matter as days passed by without any statement whether to help in transportation or negotiate with UNMISS to transport the whole team.

In their part, the goverment has also been contradicting itself over ‘biographies demands’ and ‘alphabetical order’ of the said names. The goverment in one hand want the names in Alphabetical order with ranks (Makuei) while in in other hand wants a short biography of each and every member of the proposed 560 individuals (Ateny)

It’s not yet clear whether the 560 members will make it to Juba this week through logistical support from UNMISS or IGAD, and whether the goverment is comfortable and will accept the number without biographies attached on the name.

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  1. Do not fool the mass that it is a logistic problem. The reality is security problem. That is all everyone expected. Another leak out message is that the arrangement was made while Taban was not there, event appointment of Dhiew Mathok as a secretary general was not done through balet. Event see how the bodygaurd is chatting while he gaurding his boss. Shame on you that man.