Breaking: Govt ‘rooted to the spot’ by massive uprising in Eastern Equatoria

Torit – The government is caught unaware, rooted to the spot, by massive defection and uprising in Eastern Equatoria State.

A good number of police units have so far defected and opened fire on goverment loyalist causing  a great panic in Torit town. A group which calls itself ‘South Sudan Armed Force’ with its members comprising of organized forces’ deserters and armed youths in the area declared ‘Liberation war’ against the goverment, threatening that they would very soon overrun Torit town.

The latest offensive by the group happened today in a place call Edulu, which they overran with no resistance as the police surrenders to the group, outside Torit town.

Radio Tamazuj earlier reported that they spoke to an armed man identifying himself as Col. Mario Bertino who said he is the spokesperson for the “South Sudan Armed Forces” and said the group claims responsibility for the attack and has been joined by police and local youth in the area.

The situation in Torit as of this night is just fragile and unpredictable with great panics both to the goverment and the citizens.

According to sources in Eastern Equatoria, the fear is not only the group which is outside Torit, but the bigger fear is within Torit town as possible internal fighting is foreseen among the goverment troops as well as the other organized forces.

“The matter has been very well coordinated. Most of the organized forces including some SPLA troop in the area have been in the plan for an uprising, especially those who comes from Eastern Equatoria” ~ a goverment official who preferred anonymity told Wangdunkon Media

“I believe if those who overran Edulu continue moving toward Torit, a heavy fighting will be witness tonight in Torit because their colleagues are just on standby as we speak” he further continued

Wangdunkon Media have also learned that a huge deployment of the SPLA have been around governor’s residence and other checkpoints entering Torit town.

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