4 killed, others wounded in Nyirol by Murle cattle raiders

Nyirol – 4 people, 3 men a woman, have reportedly been killed in a cattle raiding attack by Murle armed men in Nyirol County of Jonglei State. Three others are also said to have been wounded in the same attack. The attacks took place in Puokbohr, Wunkiir and Paak villages of Nyirol County.

The attack took place yesterday, Monday Dec 1, 2015 at sunset, and about 1500-2000 herd of cattle have been taken by the attackers as Lou Nuer youths go on pursuing them.

It’s not yet clear whether the youth following the cattle have so far managed to get hold of them as the attackers put on their usual defensive strategies to manage and take away the cows.

Te cattle raiding in the state of Jonglei has been a routine with killing and abduction of children happening in a rampant.

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