Re-activation of Lou Nuer Board of Intelectuals (LBI) in Kampala, Uganda

Press release

Kampala – This is to notify the Lou-Nuer community across the globe about the re-activation, re-organization and the re-establishment of the Lou Board of Intellectuals here in Kampala Uganda.

The Lou Nuer Board of Intellectuals forum abbreviated as (LBI) is the intellectuals’ board, formed and established back in 2001 at Western Ethiopia of Gambella Region where it’s still in operation up to date, with the aim of coming together as Lou-Nuer intellectuals and discuss certain kind of ideas at the intellectuals’ level and capacities.

 However, LBI’s concept and mission, goals and objectives are making up its core values that aimed at advocating for peace, conflict prevention, reconciliations and conflict resolution among others, within and out of the Lou Community at large.

LBI is also aimed to promote and strengthening the peaceful coexistence of the Lou-Nuer community with their neighboring communities and beyond; Liaising with other relevant institutions of other communities and discussing on issues of common interest and understanding for ease of normalizing ties and concerns pertaining peace and security among the diverse ethnic groups in South Sudan.

Furthermore, LBI is also exerting more effort in its campaign against the harmful traditional practices, for instant, cattle rustling by most of the young youth in rural areas, early girl-child marriages, hence, just to mention but a  few, and which also many observers and analysts from the region and other parts of the world sees as the causes of hatred and conflicts among most of the diverse ethnic groups in South Sudan.

LBI is determined to unceasing advocate for adaptations and promotions of educations, peaceful-cultural practices, promoting and exercising peaceful-political environments, within the Lou community in particular as well as with its neighboring communities at large.

Moreover, reference is made to the LBI first meeting in Kampala convinced on 26/11/2015 under the sponsorship of Mr. Khan Gatluak Mazier. The meeting was attended by several intellectuals of the Lou-Nuer in Kampala, where they discussed the need to re-activate such intellectuals’ body.

Therefore, recommendations were also made to select an interim board of executive committee that will establish and organize the above mentioned institution.

In this respect, the second meeting was also convinced on 27/11/2015, where the below members were selectedThus, Khan Gatluak Mazier was officially endorsed as an LBI continental interim President through the initial recommendations from the first quorum convinced on 26/Nov/2015.

In the same version, the following members were also selected to represent and run the board in Kampala.

  1. John Samuel Manyuon was officially selected and endorsed as the LBI head and coordinator in Kampala.
  2. Mok Dei Gual was officially selected and endorsed as LBI Secretary general in Kampala.
  3. Elizabeth Nyaluak Rial was also selected and endorsed as LBI Secretary for Finance in Kampala.
  4. Duol Bol Kong was selected and endorsed as LBI Secretary for Information in Kampala.
  5. Ustaz. Nhial Hoth Gatkuoth was also selected and endorsed as LBI Senior Advisor in Kampala.

Khan Gatluak Mazier
Kampala Uganda.


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