SPLM/A in Opposition’s advance team expected in Juba this week

News – The advance team of the SPLM in Opposition is expected to arrive Juba this week as part of implementing the of peace agreement sign in August this year.

The team has been delayed due to some political matters in relation to the recent government’s unilateral decision of creating and implementing the said 28 State largely divided on ethnic lines.

SPLM in Opposition has greatly objected to this move and has called on International Community supporting the peace process to put pressure on the goverment to reverse the decision, but it’s not clear so far if the goverment has changed it’s mind.

The advance team, comprising of about 550 men and women, will be led by Gen. Taban Deng Gai who has been the Chief Negotiator for the armed opposition for the last 22 months of the conflict and negotiations.

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