Dr. Dhieu Wol elected SPLM-IO Secretary General

Pagak – In an election held in Pagaak, The Liberation Council faction of the SPLM part with the opposition elected Dr. Stephen Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol as the party’s Secretary General in a move which comes amid signs of peace collapsing.

The Liberation Council of the SPLM in opposition is a faction of the ruling SPLM party with other factions in Juba and with G-10 who recently returned to Juba as part of the implementation of the peace agreement signed last month

It’s not clear whether there is any intention from the SPLM-IO to be separate from the SPLM (IG) even if the peace agreement hold and the later returns to Juba.

Dr. Dhieu has been the head of the Foreign affairs committee for the SPLM in Opposition

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