Bul Intellectuals Condemn “illegal constitution amendment”

Bul intellectuals forum in SPLM-IO condemn the illegal amendment of the national constitution by president’s minority faction in legislative assembly.

We the Bul intellectuals in SPLM-IO condemn in stronger term possible the unilateral amendment by small group of parliamentarian in the national assembly, the attempt of presidential order No 36/2015 to impose 28 state is clear indication of lack of willingness of the government to deal with genuine implementation of peace agreement, we therefore urge Mr. president salva kir to stop proceeding with the order, because the move is likely to derail peace agreement and took us back to cycle of war.

The peace agreement is the supreme document in the country from the which the current constitution can be amend, on the contrary the power to issue self standing order is limited by the constitution under the article 85 (5) which read the president shall not make provisional order on matters affecting the bill of rights, the decentralization system of government, general election, annual allocation of resource, or alteration of administration of boundaries.

Article 162 (3) and ( 4) of transitional constitution of south Sudan (TCSS)2011 which is an inclusive, stated clearly that, a legislative competence of council of state to name or altered boundaries’ by necessary legislation or by resolution, therefore no justification for president to go ahead since the result rendered such order as unconstitutional act.

In our opinion the timing of creation of 28 state is not appropriate we total reject such ploy, which is meant to forcefully take away the land of other community in expense of the ruling tribe, it is very unfortunate decision which may lead to encouraging of tribalism, boundaries war and exacerbated already existing conflict that diminish the social fabric of our nation.

We believe the future of our country lie on transitional government of national unity, we urge president kir not to insist on imposing 28 state as it against the will of south Sudanese people   witness by last week mass pull out of MP in your parliament in juba, without shadow of doubt the catastrophic result of evicting the owner’s land will be immense and we vow to resist if the proceeding is on track.

In the recent AU report it’s stipulated clearly that south Sudan president is given too much power amidst weak institution that create a gap between judiciary and legislative, and subsequently dismiss coup attempt and acknowledge the killing of Nuer by presidential guard. In these scenario, we in our capacity as BIF IN-IO we recommend to future south Sudan constitutional amendment committee to consider to trimming the power of president in order to avoid the old trick. On very serious note we call upon TROIKA, IGGADPLUS, UNSC, and AU to pressure president Salva Kir to accept the implementation of peace agreement in good faith.

Secretary of information’s desk: Kalany Mamuon Biem

Contact: +249907349599

Email: Kalanymamuon54@gmail.com

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  1. Job well done Gaatbuli. Go a head siblings we bow not leave an inch of our land to Jieng Council of Elders and their tribal Predident Salva Kiir Mayardit. How comes small sub Dinka tribe like Alor and Panaruu can get Ruweng State which areas forcefully annexed the land of Bul Nuer_ Kai Kaang , Nyang sub clan land and Kaljaak include Unity oil fields of Leek Nuer. Dinka thugs need to refrain from stealing our national resources via corruption, long armed struggles history , and grabbing other non Dinkas land.