New front formed in western Equatoria State.

WES– The former minister of information of Western Equatoria State govt Charles Kisanga has formed a new rebellion called  South Sudan people’s patriotic front(SSPF), he says, his new front will alliance with opposition forces to fight for one cause and liberate South Sudan from tyranny, dictatorship of salva Kiir who tries to build pseudo kingdom of Dinka minus other tribes, salva Kiir’s armed militia(Mathiang Anyor) are still killing civilians in western Equatoria State, burning down houses  and displacing thousand more.

He accuses Salva Kiir of totalitarianism with widespread institutional corruption, he called upon western Equatoria State youth to join hand and fight against dictatorship and uproot it so that people’s govt is installed

Kisanga was a minister until he was sacked some days back by caretaker governor Zamoi, he met armed youth also known arrow boys formed who have operating independently in tye state since days of LRA.

He organised them to resist govt forces and fight along side with SPLA-IO, delegates were sent to Pagak to meet opposition leadership so that SSPF joins the opposition he added.