‘Arrow boys’ tranforms into ‘SSPPF’, seeks alliance againts govt.

Western Equatoria – The Arrow Boys, a group of armed youths based in Western Equatoria State has finally found a politically oriented leader, changed it’s name and objectives from “Arrow Boys with grievances against govt” to “South Sudan People’s Patriotic Front fighting to remove Salva Kirr’s tribal regime in Juba”

The group’s new leader, Charles Barnaba Kasanga, the former Western Equatoria State Information Minister under the then goverment of Bakasorro

Kasanga join “The Boys” in the bush and was immediately embraced as their new leader

“The Arrow Boys/Girls do hereby declare themselves to be under a new name of South Sudan People’s Patriotic Front (SSPPF) because it is the people who have been fighting to defend themselves against unpatriotic tribal dictatorial regime which is only interested in furthering its tribal agenda without thinking about the country which our forefathers and recently our brothers and sisters sacrificed for with over 2 million lives to achieve the CPA in 2005 and finally Independence in 2011” ~ part of their press statement read

Seeking Alliance with SPLA-IO

The SSPPF also said that they are open to alliance or possible integration of their force with the SPLA-IO forces who have been operating in the area since last year.

“The leadership of SSPPF (Arrow Boys) in Western Equatoria is ready to unite its forces with SPLM-IO for the purpose of implementation [of] the Compromise Peace Agreement and for arriving at a lasting peace which guarantees freedom and really democracy without tolerating any form of tribalism and corruption in the new Republic of South Sudan,” Said the group

“The new rebel group has sent delegates to Pagaak to seek alliance and integration into the main rebels’ camp of SPLM/SPLA [IO], Agwelek and REMNASA” ~ continued the group in their press statement widely circulated

This latest development comes as peace agreement implementation is under derailing due to government’s insistence to implen