Lou Nuer Intellectuals warns Pres. Kirr over 28 states creation

News – A group of Lou Nuer intellectuals inside and outside the country have rejected the establishment order No 36/2015 that divides the existing 10 states into 28 new states, warning the president to reverse the decision and allow people of South Sudan to have peace and tranquility first.
The order has divided Jonglei state which is the largest state in the country into four tribal states.
Some huge part of Lou Nuer land has been annexed to what has  become Jonglei State which belongs to community of Dinka Bor. However, this move will trigger more hostilities and violence between Bor community and Lou Nuer if the decision is not reversed, according to the Community.
The decision has angered the community in general and vow to “protect Lou Nuer land by using all the necessary tools and means”
Salva Kiir’s  tribal advisory group also known as the Jieng Council of Elders have manipulated South Sudan’s political scene with negative influence which portrayed the Dinka community as enemy of the South Sudanese in general.
The same Jieng Council of Elder influenced Pres. Salva Kiir to recruit tribal armed militia to kill the Nuer ethnic in December 15 event, according to sources   
The policy behind the tribal group’s act is to accommodate Dinka community where they don’t belong, observers says.
Moreover, Lou Nuer have warned Dinka Bor community to pay the blunders of Salva Kiir’s decision while condemned their members of parliament representing their constituencies in national parliament for supporting the amendment of the transitional constitution of South Sudan which contravened the recently signed IGAD-Plus compromise peace agreement  to create more states based on tribal lines and annexation of the lands of other communities to Jieng.
 “This project of Jieng Council of Elders to manipulate South Sudan affairs  using their negative and malicious tribal mindset will bring calamity in the region because the order was not properly channeled and it doesn’t represent the will of the people in this fragile period where people of South Sudan are in dire need for peace” the community observed
“affair that accommodating only the Jieng interests will Jeopardize peace effort in the country” they continued
Several other communities have reacted against the decision with some reacting the same way as Lou Nuer with observers and International community citing that the timing is not right when the Country is yearning only for peace.

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  1. The Dinka proposed dominant 28 states grabbed land cover 40% of country’s territory. What a joke? The county of Maban, Makal County of Chollo Kingdom, Raga of greater Fertiit, Doma of Ulang County, Pom Zarep included Majiok Nyang,Duk Deng of Gawaar Nuer,Pajut and Akoba of Lou Nuer, Kai Kaang of Bul Nuer & Unity oil fields of Leek Nuer were snatched and forcefully annexed to Dinkaland . South Sudan under incumbent President Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual nicknamed “Mayardit ” will disintegrate into tribal entity unless he is remove or got kill for betterment of South Sudan.

    The red colour in map is Dinkaland, Blue is Nuer territory, yellow is Greater Equatorian land, grey is greater Fertiit home, green is Murle and Anuak land, and green is Chollo Kingdom . What a policy of dominance?