JCE: “We liberated South Sudan; we deserves to be the rulers”

News – The Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), said they (Dinka) liberated South Sudan and they deserves to rule it. In an interview with the online based Dinka Radio, Martin Majut Yaak, a member of the council said Dinka liberated South Sudan.

“Jieeng liberated South Sudan so we deserve to be the rulers” Martin Majut said

Though using the name of Jieeng elders and Jieng as a tribe, the group does not necassary represent the Dinka community as a a respresentative council of elders other than it being a group of greedy and tribalist politicians.

However, since the Dinka community is silent and seem to be in support of the group’s acts and influence, whatever wrong the group does is seen by other communities as a Dinka acts in support of their son in presidency

Many politicians and community members including youths are against the group’s activities portraying the name of the community to be hated by others in the Country.

One of those concerned by the group’s activities is Kuir Ë Garang, a Political commentator and an Author. He wrote on his Blog:

How did we, the Jieeng, become this callous, greedy, divisive and short-sighted? Have Jieeng values become completely eroded that elders are now behaving like children? A nation where younger people advise elders to be wise, conciliatory and inclusive, is a nation whose values have been eroded. How can Jieeng elders allow Nuer to be massacred in Juba? Where is the wisdom of Jieeng in making sure Nuer are safe in Juba and out of UNMISS camps?

The group is also the driving forces behind the creation and implementation of the 28 proposed states which is currently seen a derailing factor to the implementation of the peace agreement.

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  1. I think the Dinka of Mr. Ring and Majut plus others of the War rap circle has put on the heavy stone on the other Dinkas neck.Always when the individuals lie, there should be a time for correction. There is no ways to steal the history south. when do Dinka fought the war of liberation a lone? is it because Abel,Garang, and kiir were the leaders or something else’s? those who used to say this are the one who were slaves by the Arabs, during the war, I believe they were not there during the liberation struggle. believed it or not Ethiopia has been liberated by Amharic 1800s century, and powered remained for so long under Amharic, but at last the government has been changed in 1991. If Dinka has real liberated the south, and then there shall be a time when the power of Dinka should be destroyed like it had happened in Ethiopia, not far, but it is a matter of time give by nature to rule for time being.


  2. I think such statements will create more enemies to all dinkas beause the dinkas elders are acting on behalf of dinkas interest. for example,land grabbing issues is a series matter. Therefore, such a false policy is created to determined that dinkas are mojarity in southsudan in which their representatives in national government will double while it’s not , so to me taking away my ancestors land is more then a death beause ones would die but the land would never die .
    However , my questions is that , are dinkas elders working for future of dinkas or on their own destruction? Believe me or not so you guys will not get away with it. But the food lover Nuer had giving you achance to oppressed us and made you to see yourselves as superior in southsudan.