Launching of JMEC and arrival of opposition advance team put on hold

Juba – The head of states and govts of regional block, IGAD, summit scheduled to take place in Juba this month has been put on hold.  The submit was first scheduled to take place in the mid of this month but was later delayed to take place tomorrow, Monday 23, Nov. 2015.

It’s not yet clear why the summit is again delayed until further notice, but observers says it’s due to the recent move by the goverment to implement the 28 state creation and the constitutional amendment which is not in accordance with the peace agreement they all along been supporting.

In a related development, the govt of the Republic of South Sudan  officials also said they are not prepared to received advance team of opposition  after agreement on security arrangement signed early this month  in Addis Ababa between both parties that begin the pre-interim period for the agreement.

In recent address by the president, he had given hopes to many South Sudanese when he said that his “govt is fully committed to implement the agreement and urged the people to receive the advance team of the opposition in opened arms, love and harmony”. This statement was received in jubilation as this agreement would end this protracted civil war in the country and repair the broken hearts of the people affected by the war; renewed the hope for the people with peaceful return of IDPs and refugees back home.

The Chief Mediator, Seyoum Mesfin, was in Juba to persuade and hold talks with country’s political parties who are part of stakeholders in the agreement to sign  the document so that implementation of the agreement is fully observed.

Salva Kiir’s government(parliament) passed the amendment of the transitional constitution to accommodate 28 states that gives him extra powers to appoint state governors and legislative assemblies members.

The move was seen to jeopardise the recent agreement signed by opposition and the govt to end the nearly two years civil strife. Many activists criticized salva Kiir govt for infringing the terms of the agreement by amending  the constitution.

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