“They want to Jienganize the Country” said an MP

Juba – Following the Thursday’s controversial endorsement of the constitutional amendment to grand Kirr powers to create more state, appoint governors and the state legislatures, a great deal of internal opposition within the goverment followed, with over 60 MP walked out of the parliamentary session.

An angry MP from The Equatorian parliamentary caucus who asked not to be named during the publishing said to Wangdunkon Media team when contacted that they “have now understand their (referring to Dinka led goverment as people refer)  motive: they want to Jienganize the Country using illegal constitutional approach”

He continued “you see, the whole thing is now clear and even in the way they have done the state division; they want to make this Country and Dinka Country where they will dictate other communities in local and national level. this will never work”

It’s worth noting that those who voted in acceptances during the session are not only Dinka though majority are, tenth of MPs from other ethnicity including Nuer (Dr. Riek Gai Kok included) also voted in acceptance of the Bill. And don’t forget, several Dinka MPs as well including Hon. Aleu Ayieny objected to constitution amendment. it’s politics of interest in nature

Talking about the order, despite the fact that it has a great deal of opposition, it’s likely that it’s going to work! It has been rumored that Kirr has listed his twenty five governors to be appointed leaving only Southern Lich, where Riek come from, Latjor and Western Bieh to be appointed by the opposition leader

According to an earlier statement by Michael Makuey Lueth, the Information minister, the opposition would appoint or rather nominate 5 governors and the goverment appoint the remaining 23 governors as plan to implement the order and in accordance with the percentage of the peace agreement on the bases of 10 state provision.

Observers says any attempt to fully implement this order as has just been the case on Thursday will absolutely jeopardize the peace agreement as the armed opposition has clearly stated their position objecting to it. So, let’s wait and see what is next…….

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