Ugandan forces are still inside the country

Juba-It has been learned that  Uganda forces are still inside the country after they were allegedly said to have been withdrawn according the recent agreement signed by opposition and the govt, in security arrangement which called for all foreign forces to leave country in 45 days seems to have not been fully implemented by the govt.

According to independent security sources, few Ugandan soldiers were withdrawn and flown back home  and huge number of forces are still being maintained  in Juba most of them were in SPLA uniforms  so that they are not identified as Ugandan.

Salva Kiir intransigence to fully implement the compromise peace agreement is supported by Yoweri Museveni govt and urge kiir to continue with all the plans to derail the peace.

On the 2nd of October, salva Kiir issued an establishment order that divided the existing ten states to 28 states base on ethnic lines, this order was rejected by many people as it was said to be against the peace.