An indigenous NGO office stormed by armed robbers in Juba

Juba – A  local NGO office was stormed today by unidentified armed men in  Juba at about 1400 hours local time

The office was  looted and armed robbers took 22 laptop computers, 40,000 ssp,  and other personal items but harmed caused to the staffs.

Nile Hope is an indigenous humanitarian  organization operating in 5 states in South Sudan rendering humanitarian assistance to the local population affected by the current conflict in the country.

No suspects were arrested so far by the local authority.

In a separate development, the executive director of Nile Hope, Paul Biel Otoang, was arrested yesterday by security agents and accused by an SPLA soldier of having link with opposition group fighting Salva Kirr’s goverment. he was, however, detained and released later without charges brought against him.

Wangdunkon media is still collecting information about the situation.

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