SPLA-IO released UN barge and all its crew members: Upper Nile

Upper Nile – The SPLA (IO) has released the United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) barge yesterday 01-11-2015 in Kaka of Manyo County in Upper Nile State.

Wangdunkon Media contacted the SPLA (IO) spokesperson Col. William Gatjiath Deng and confirmed the development saying “we we released the barge yesterday” while pointing out that they are very sure with full evidences that the barge was a goverment barge and not UN barge.

“We know that the barge is for the goverment [……..] we have enough evidence that shows that the barge is not for UN. first, the the waybill was signed by Paul Malong, the Chief of General Staff for the goverment and it was carrying heavy weapons. Secondly,  the crew members are goverment security agent, we know them. We know ourselves, you know ……  we were all in the same army” ~ Col. William Gatjiath explain.

UN confirms the barge release

UN has confirmed the release of the barge and all the crew members while acknowledging that some fuel and other assorted personal items for the crew are missing.

“The Mission reports that, following further negotiations and the intervention of four SPLA in Opposition generals, all the 13 barge crew members detained in Kaka (Upper Nile state) this past Monday have been safely released along with the UNMISS barge and nine weapons at approximately 16:20 hours (LT) today” ~ UN confirmed in a report

“However, seven weapons, 55,000 liters of fuel, communications equipment, an inflatable boat and some personal items seized from UNMISS personnel have not yet been returned” ~ UN further acknowledges.

Security situation remains tense in nothern and southern parts of Upper Nile State with latest fighting reported on Sunday morning in southern parts of Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile State.

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