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Government, SPLA-IO at a loggerhead over security arrangement modalities in Addis

Addis Ababa – The ongoing security meeting workshop in Addis Ababa between the security delegates of the two main warring parties has no breakthrough so far with two parties agreeing only on the police unit deployment.

The forces which are to be deployed in Juba during the transitional period are: 3000 police to stop crimes and enforce laws and orders; 1000 Presidential guards to protect the VIP from both sides; 4000 SPLA troops to protect the main goverment installation as well as the SPLA stores and check point entering the city. The last forces are the National Security which are proposed to be 700 personnel.

Contacted on phone from Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, Col. William Gatjiath Deng, the Spokesperson of the SPLA-IO said the goverment have so far refuse to compromise in sharing of the forces to be deployed in Juba during the transitional period.

For instance, the proposed number of SPLA troop to be in Juba for protection of important installation and check points is 4000 and the goverment insist to only give IO about 35 person and retain 3965.

Also in National Security which is proposed to be 700, the goverment insist that they will retain the whole number giving SPLA (IO) none. Likewise in Presidential Guard unit, the SPLA (IO) propose that they should be given 350 out of 1000 and the goverment takes 650, but the later also refused and preferred to have all the forces.

It’s only in police where the two parties have come to an agreement over the 3000 proposed number with the two sides sharing at 50 50 (SPLA-IO 1500 and GRSS 1500).

The two parties so far remains at a loggerhead as IGAD said they would not leave Addis before reaching an agreement. It’s expected that IGAD will soon come up with a proposal to be imposed on the two side since no progress is being made on their own.

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