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Government intensified shelling IO positions in Northern Upper Nile

Upper Nile – The goverment troops have intensified shelling of the SPLA-IO position in various parts of Northern Upper Nile state with the latest yesterday in Kuek, Southern part of Manyo County near Thorgwang in Upper Nile State.

In a press statement imparted to Wangdunkon Media,  the SPLA (IO) Spokesperson, Col. William Gatjiath Deng, said their position was under daylong intensive shelling from the goverment forces from the east bank of the Nile river.

“This morning (yesterday Friday) around 8:15AM, government troops have been shelling our base at Kuek South in Manyo County, using mortar shells, BMs and D30s since morning up to late evening” ~ said Col. Gatjiath

The latest fighting in northern Upper Nile has turned from IO vs goverment to govt vs govt troops fighting in Wedakona area over an alleged resistance of the 28 state creation.

The Shilluk soldiers who defected have taken over Thorgwang village which has been a goverment stronghold blocking any attempt by opposition forces to launch an attack on their base in Wedakona.

The defectors, which are currently under the command of Brig. Gen. Yohanes Okitch, remains in Thorgwang ,maintaining their own rebellion command as a new rebelion fighting in resistance of the newly decreed 28 states in South Sudan which annext their historical and ancestral land, Malakal, to Dinka of the said Western Nile.

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