Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA: press state on the community sovereignty violation

Press statement for immediate release

USA – Twic East Community citizens are greeting you our people, either back in our homeland or wherever the life aspects have situated you around the world.

Our press would like to concentrated on recently suggested new 28 States of South Sudan. If you didn’t get our press in which we have already declared our position about new States. Here is link: https://wangdunkonmedia.org/2015/10/12/press-statement-twic-east-community-demand-for-a-separate-state/. Some parts of that press we did say that, “we are not part of new Jonglei State that will include Bor County/Dinka Bor where Michael Makuei Lueth of Greater Bor who that have accused our entire and innocent Greater Twic East Community as ‘rebels’” and his other politicians and citizens of Bor County as well. It would be difficult to trust our neighbor with unkind, inhospitable, none mutual respect of others existences, selfishness, greedy of finance posts, mind-set, jealousy, envy, bad talk without good reasoning and other behaviors.

In addition, this is for you people who have accepted the incoming new Jonglei State, and thinking that you have elected Mr. Aguer Panyang to be a new Jonglei State governor. We are totally rejecting this idea due to it inclusions of Un-Dinka people from Bor County. We are demanding our own State of Twic East or our own State where Duk County might be part of it. Again, here is the point we want to make, we don’t want to be associated with Greater Bor Community, Dinka Bor and other fake Organization like Greater Bor Community must have to be discarded in anything we do consider as totally Greater Twic East or Eastern Twic Dinka people, period. Thus as we speak, we are truly outrages and disappointed when we heard that, Mr. Aguer Panyang and others have to passed again through a devil Greater Bor Community of Michael Makuei and their wrong-doers alike. The scam organization of Greater Bor Community we have no connections and also we know have certain ideal behind it formation.

Furthermore, what we know, this position is not longer associated with Greater Bor Community and Greater Duk Community in exception of our meeting in Jonglei State level where these three Counties of: Twic, Duk and Bor be led by our County person we have elected. As this position is truly for Greater Twic East Community as we already know the Greater Duk and Greater Bor Communities have already ruled us before, then there must be no way Mr. Philip Aguer Panyang and others have to go through another devil organization like Greater Bor whom we consider as Bor County entity solely. The organization has nothing to do with Greater Twic East and Greater Duk Communities frankly. The bottom-line is, we really appreciate your good attitudes our neighbors from Duk County (Nyarweng & Hol Dinkas) for not interfering with our internal affairs of our County. That is Dinkas virtues. Keep it ups! We give you our neighbor a great credit of civility.

Warning!!! Mr. Michael Makuei, please your dirties’ hands offs of Greater Twic East Community affairs or you need us to weigh in any options against you? Eastern Twic Dinka and Bor Dinka have distinguishable border that must not be crossed without our permission. Do you know that? Also have you already forgotten what you have said or done against our Greater Twic East Community? If you already forgotten, this is our reminding to you. We need you to respect our sovereignty and territory of Twic East Community. Keep that devil Organization of yours whom we know why you form it to your County of Bor. New generation of Twic East Community is now emerging at the movement and you need to watch carefully.

The relationships between Mr. Aguer Panyang and Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth?

Mr. Aguer is Eastern Twic Dinka/Greater Twic East Community but his mother is from Dinka Bor/Greater Bor Community.

Mr. Aguer is brother-in-law to Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth, and Mr. Michael Makuei has another other wife from Warrap. Wow! Family base missions to destroy other communities’ identities. We have discovered now, and we will deal with it accordingly.

N/B: Now, Mr. Aguer Panyang is related to Mr. Michael who have labeled Aguer’s County of Twic East as “rebels” whom including him too?

  1. Did Mr. Aguer says anything about this to Michael or no? And if he didn’t say anything about this labeling of his Twic East Community by brother-in-law? What that means? Is it means that Mr. Aguer Panyang is not longer a Greater Twic East citizen in contacts that he becomes Greater Bor. So he is exceptional from his brother-in-law accusation to innocent to Eastern Twic Dinka people?
  2. We need to know if Mr. Aguer has emigrated to his maternal land and/or brother-in-law [Mr. Michael Makuei] land of Bor County?
  3. If we are right in our claims that Mr. Aguer have emigrated to Greater Bor Community in abandoning of Greater Twic East Community, then you better gives Twic East Community their position through mutual respect, Mr. Aguer. We are rejecting dual citizen of being Greater Twic East and at the same time being Greater Bor Community citizen. That is infringing of trust to our citizens rights to their ancestors’ name.

What people need to know about Mr. Aguer Panyang? Mr. Aguer back in the days of civil war, he was one of the to popular persons in Eastern Twi Dinka land during the war of liberation. Especially for what he has done to Eastern Twi Dinka people when time was really in 1990s and beyond. But since he have associated with his greedy brother-in-law who is Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth. In this matter, our people have lost trust in him. Why? Where in the world a person who does’t recognized the name of his people or everything about his people become a leader? And/or where a person recognized another County name essential over his own County name? What is this? For Mr. Aguer to regains Twic East people trust, he must abandoned Greater Bor Community in returns to Greater Twic East Community name, otherwise nobody should work with him. This message too is to others.

The Violations of Greater Twic East Community sovereignty by Greater Bor Community

This is our message to Eastern Twic Dinka citizens, our sovereignty been violated by Greater Bor Community of Bor County [Mr. Michael Makuei greedy association] whereby they have crossing over border to Greater Twic East election of incoming Jonglei State whom we don’t recognized. Please check our reason why we don’t recognized being part of Jonglei State where greedy people of Bor County are part of it:

Our boycotts resolutions

  • We dare no citizens of Twic East County ever to participated in the upcoming of Jonglei State leadership until we get our own State of Twic East County.
  • Eastern Twic Dinka have to isolated anything activities associated with Bor people.
  • Avoid Churches where they (Bor) become greedy as some of our citizens have already done in many parts of the world.
  • Avoid any event that bearing an ideal Bor name.
  • Don’t invited any politicians from Bor Community when there is any Greater Twic East Event.
  • If you are in Mading Town, you better go somewhere if you can’t afford to go our motherland of Twi people.
  •  Lith Payam citizens have to boycotts any positions given to them from this controversial scheme. Why? Because according to Eastern Twi Dinka citizens leadership system always used been violated here. You guys know what we are talking about here though?
  • We will go after our Twic East Community sovereignty violators, one by one who are thinking they are hiding behind devil organization so-call Greater Bor Community of Bor County.
  • Also Payams where other two candidates been cut offs on the way to President Kiir desk, yet the agreement before controversial election was to sent five candidates directly to our President Kiir. Our message, we don’t want any of citizens to be part of the up-incoming Jonglei State in which we consider visually as being part of it our press we have already released this month.
  • Twic East County rights been violated by Greater Bor Community of Mr. Michael, the rights of our people to send their candidates directly to President of South Sudan without any parties interference in internal affairs. This is severely punishable by law. So in this matter, we the Greater Twic East Community advising our citizens not participated in the upcoming Jonglei State we don’t accepted as being part of it.
  • Devil Organization have violated the rule that stated, “No County above another County and no State above another state.”
  • To our citizens whom their rights of voting our leaders by illegal Greater Bor Community of Mr. Michael Makuei, you better boycotts by not participating in anything related to election that have violated your rights.

Our warning message to Mr. Michael Makuei and greedy cohorts from Greater Bor Community:

  • . Please stop this nonsense Greater Bor devil of yours in our affairs or otherwise you need to be careful this time.
  • . Mr. Michael, do you still remember your message to Twic East Community whereby you accused our whole community as rebel and when you are ask to give accounts behind your message? You don’t answer people.
  • .From now on, please avoid anything related to Twic East Community. If you are become a powerful man over men in your County of Bor. You better think twice? You are about to be in wrong territory.
  • Also you people need to understand our connections are:
  • The Dinka/Jieng as an independent sub-tribes with each one has it own Identity, Dialect, Accents, Characteristics/traits, territory, etc. http://www.twicworld.com/twic-people/
  • Jonglei State is the only umbrella where four sub-tribes [E. Twic Dinka, Nyarweng & Hol Dinkas, and Bor Dinka] meet, South Sudan and being neighbor each others.

Mr. President Kiir Mayardit, your excellence, we requesting your honorable to invited our five candidates to your office as it suppose to been, and then from there it would be your decision.

“Having been slow to join the first civil war, the Nuer and Dinka Anyanya units of Upper Nile were among the most resistant to the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972. It was initially opposed by Samuel Gai Tut, a senior Lou Nuer Anyanya commander, as well as by John Garang, a very junior Twic Dinka captain (Abel Alier 1990:138).” By Abel Alier Kuai

This information was validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA.

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