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Is it not known that Abiemnhom County does not have a natural border with Parieng County?

By: Gordon Koang Both Nhial

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]pinion – It is not a question of doubt that Abiemnhom County does not have a common border with Parieng County. Since creation, Abiemnhom County never shares a legitimate border with Parieng County; therefore, this is not an issue that can cause a rowing debate between the people of Mayom and Abiemnhom Counties.

On 17th October, 2015, on Muogip Newspaper the Abiemnhom Community Association presented a call-for conflict claim that Abiemnhom shares a border with Parieng County. Therefore, I hereby correct that this claim is false. The Unity State County that legitimately borders Parieng County to the west is Rubkona County. Explicitly, our yesterday’s brothers who want to be our enemies today should desist from misinforming the public that Abiemnhom has a common border with Parieng County. This is not true and the public has to rubbish off their claim.

Another known historical information that our Abiemnhom brothers did not share with the public is that they were chased away from Parieng in 1942. That time, they called themselves Awiet Bil and today they are called Ruweng. When they were chased away from Parieng, they moved to Warrap to settle there but unfortunately the people of Warrap, especially Twic refused to welcome them. They were told to return to Parieng and on their way, they were seen suffering and some of them died of hunger and as they were trying to move to and fro. A chief from Bul Community called Tekjiek Dandong Nen considerately felt that they should be settled and fed for sometimes until they became strong to proceed to Parieng. After a month, Chief Tekjiek Dandong changed his mind and decided to give them a land for settlement and they were settled in a place called Paan Barpow Rem. When Tekjiek relinquished power to Manytuil Wejang, Manytuil felt that these people (Awiet Bil) should not be chased away and therefore they were left to settle there from that time up to date.

Hence, there is no any reason for these people of Abiemnhom to claim that they share border with Parieng. They should instead thank the people of Bul Chol Geah for their generosity for settling them on their land. The people of Mayom would like to advise the people of Abiemnhom that if they consistently claim that they share border with Parieng, they either pack and go or desist from falsely claiming that they share common border with Parieng. The public should also be informed that the maps which were drawn and distributed were false and should be withdrawn.

The legitimate borders of Mayom County with other states and counties are very clear. Abiemnhom County is located in the west of Mayom, Abyei is located in the far northwest of Mayom, Western Kordafan ( Mainlet) to the north of Mayom, Rubkona County to the Northeast of Mayom, Koch County to Southeast of Mayom and Warrap State (Tonj North, Gogrial East and Twic Counties) to the south of Mayom.

Therefore, it is now clear that those who were misinformed by that article on Muogip Newspaper are now fully informed that Abiemnhom County does not share any border with Parieng County.

I would like to call upon the elders, community leaders, intellectuals and politicians of Mayom County that these claims by our brothers in Abiemnhom should not be ignored or taken as rubbish. This is a serious issue and it needs all of us to look into it. These claims should be viewed with care because the article on Muogip was written by Abiemnhom Community Association.

The writer of this article is a South Sudan and first year student at Cavendish University in Juba Study Centre and can be reached at