Govt improves relation with IDPs, humanitarians NGOs in Malakal

Malakal – The goverment of South Sudan which as been seen as ‘anti-civilians goverment’ especially its military wing has finally exerted efforts to improve its relationship with the IDPs community  and as well as the humanitarians organization working in Malakal.

For months, the IDPs and humanitarians workers have been confined in PoC inside UNMISS base in Malakal with no accessibility to Wau Shilluk, an area which is about 15 kilometers north of Malakal town and a home to thousands of Shilluk IDPs.

Humanitarians organization were allowed to Wau Shilluk by the government “at their own risk” leaving over 40,000 IDPs in dire situation suffering from lack of foods, medicine and WASH facilities etc.

However, the goverment have now changed its policies allowing the humanitarians organization, IDPs to move free and with no fear as their safety is guaranteed by the goverment.

The IDPs, irrespective of their ethnicity can now go out and collect firewood, fishes and other items they have been denied for so long.

According to Wangdunkon Media sources in Malakal, the Commissioner of Makal County and the Commander of governments forces in Malakal are leading the initiative in ensuring that the civilians moves freely and with no interruption.

The same source also confirmed that the goverment is collecting tax from the civilians who have some goods/items intended for PoC. “They apply tax system, if someone has a sack of charcoal, they charge 5 SSP and the same apply to all the items they carry for sell in different charges” ~ highlighted the source the source

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