Bul community: Abiemnom is our land, not for Ruweng

Khartoum – The Bul community, in reaction to creation of the 28 states, have came out and said the land of Abiemnom County doesn’t belong to the current Dinka residence, it’s for them and shouldn’t be given to Ruweng State.

Speaking to Wangdunkon Media on phone from Khartoum, Peter Kuol, the External Secretary of Bul Intelectual forums (BIF), a body which represent the Bul community intellectuals, said the land is for Bul community and there is no justification giving it to Ruweng State should those newly created states be implemented.

“Abiemnom is not for Dinka, it’s our land. When they came about 300 years ago, we welcomed them and we asked them if they are part of Dinka Parieng or our people and they said they are our people. So, we welcomed them and we called them ‘Bul Alor” ~ Peter Kuol explain

According to the community, when Unity state was combined as one during the CPA, they didn’t have reason to complain since they consider their Dinka brothers in Abiemnom as part of their community though they were given their own County.

Should the implementation of these created states come to effect, Dinka Abiemnom, accoridng to the community, “must chose between either joining Parieng and maintain the land or migrate from the land and go to Parieng to join their people over there”.

Gen. Peter Gatdet not joining government

The Bull community have also reject the rumors being circulated on social media that Gen. Peter Gatdet alongside his others colleagues he defected with is a “white leis”

“This is what is call white leis. Those General are not joinging Salva Kirr’s goverment. Infact, it’s Riek Machar who is now joining the goverment” Peter asserted.

He added that the General as well as their political wing are just waiting for the recently signed compromised peace agreement and should it fail, they will continue the war fighting Salva Kirr’s regime in Juba.

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