Lou Nuer Youths, community reject unilateral creation of 28 state

Juba – The Lou Nuer community in worldwide have condemned and rejected the unilateral decision by Salva Kirr, the President, creating more additional 18 states on top of the currently existing 10.

Youths representative, advocates, community leaders, IDPs in UN camps and all the community members in diaspora “have strongly and condemned the unilateral decision of President Kirr creating more state by decree”

Kirr made his Presidential Order number 36/2015 announcing the creation of news states in the Country which is based on tribal division of people in the Country and in addition to annexation of other communities’ land to others.

Lou Nuer Youths residing in Juba’s UN PoC are among the voices that condemned and reject the order in strongest term possible, cautioning some element within to stop making confusion among the citizens.

“We the leadership of Bieh Youth in IDPs Camps is now warning some of the youths who have been manipulated by the dirtiest government of South Sudan under Kirr for creating of new informal states not to support the informal idea” ~ the youths leadership emphasize

Many other communities in different parts of the Country have come out boldly and rejected this new order for one reason or another; nevertheless, other communities especially the Dinka community have been in extensive celebration and lobbying for governorship of their respective states.

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