Civilians worried as Murle increases attacking people in Akobo

Akobo – The civilians of Akobo County which fall under Bieh State as for SPLM/A in opposition arrangement, but part of Jonglei State in South Sudan, are much concerns about the increased number of attacks by Murle youths who have been in local peace and harmony during this current conflict in the Country between the two communities.

Akobo is a home to Mor Community of Lou Nuer clan of Nuer tribe with little present of members of Anyuak community.

A community member contacted by Wangdunkon Media in Akobo said they “are worried because Murle are now killing people” in different parts of the County.

Number of attacks in Burmath, Tiergol, Jokyier etc. have been recorded as number of people including an SPLA IO general Jing Walou have been killed.

The conflict between Murle and Lou Nuer is historically lengthy and both communities have committed untold atrocities on each other in different times; one of the main causes of the conflict between them is cattle wrestling as both claims to be the owners of cattle.

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