Addis Ababa

Col. Gatjiath blast his deserted predecessor, Brig. Lul Ruai’s comment over SPLA (IO) general promotion

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ddis Ababa – The Spoke person of SPLA (IO) Col. William Gatjiath Deng has blast against his predecesor’s comment over the promotion of Army officers by the Chairman and Commander in Chief (SPL/SPLA-IO) Riek Machar Teny.

Brig. Lul Ruai Koang, writing on what he call “reaction on unfair promotion” to the General of the SPLA (IO) stated that “Some officers he (Riek) had promoted deserve it but the list is loaded with next to useless ones and newcomers who did absolutely nothing to warrant double promotions”

“Dr. Riek Machar has already forgotten the very people who firmly stood with him when he was most in need of their sacrifices and selfless service” Brig. Ruai continued

Col. Gatjiath: I think Lul Ruach is not healthy, is it his Business?

“The infamous self-deserter Brig-Gen. Lul Ruach Koang listed the names of our officers, claiming that they should have been given priority in the promotion and telling nonsense that they will never get promotion again; I think, Lul Ruach is not is not healthy. Is it his business?” ~ Col. Gatjiath inquired

“Comrade Lul, you should not interfere in this issue of promotion because, you deserted the moment with unknown reason” ~ Gatjiath adviced

“People viewed you as a great traitor and such traitorous tendency prove that you have already burnt your major card within the moment” ~ Col. Gatjiath continued

Brig. Lul is currently leading SSRM/A with his base in Juba though he has no signicant supports from the youths and intellectual from Lou Nuer where his struggle is based. Lul want a Lou Nuer state “through peaceful mean” Salva Kirr led goverment.

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