Dr. Riek Mchar Teny

Speech of Dr. Riek Machar in New York UN high level meeting

Ladies & gentlemen,

Let me express my profound appreciation to UN secretary general Mr. Ban Ki Moon for inviting me to this high level meeting on South sudan. This meeting highlight the world’s community concerns for consultating peace in South Sudan and the region.

Mr. secretary general,

I commend your personal commitment; I have come to express myself on peace agreement that I had signed on 17 august, 2015, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia although the peace agreement did not meet our comfortable minimal bu we have accepted it and we are seriously propagating for its implementation amongst south Sudanese both inside the country and in the diaspora.


The 21 months cease fire was vicious and devastating more than the war of self-determination and independence. To date, over tens of thousands of South Sudanese have perished and millions have been displaced internally and at risk of starvation.

The United Nations in south sudan is protecting over 200, 000 souls that took refuge in the UN protection camps and over one million people have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. The war had created a dire humanitarian situation; this war must stop! the peace agreement must be implemented!

However, there are challenges that will impede the peace agreement implementation and I want to raise some of these challenges in this meeting:-

  1. There are pending issues that were not addressed in the last security workshop in Addis Ababa, particularly the determination of the seizes of the forces that will be deployed in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and other major towns.

We have notice that there is no common understanding on the interpretation of the demilitarization of Juba and the towns. The cease fire is not holding, i agree with president Salva Kiir on that. I don’t want the catalogue of violations as president Salva did this morning. The strange thing is that we are attacked and we are blamed…. I would like to say this in arabic(ضربنا بكا و سبقنا اشتكي)

  1. No resources for assembling/contanonment of troops such as tents, food, water etc during the pre-transitional period.
  2. No resources for disseminating the peace agreement amongst the citizens inside the country and the diaspora.

  3. No resources for kicking off the most important part which is National reconciliation and healing during the pre-transitional period.

  4. No resources for enhancing economic and service committees. We in the SPLM/A and our brothers and sisters in the government of Republic of South Sudan must embark on the trajectory that shall bring lasting peace and development to South Sudan.

I particularly call up on my brother president Salva Kiir Mayardit to gather necessary political will to implement this peace agreement in letter and spirit. He must start by withdrawing the reservations he has placed on the agreement. The unity of our people is dependent on this agreement.

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