The Nuer Peace Committee condemned Dr. Majak Agoot and asks him to stop using the Nuer name for his cowardly and barbarous political makes over

For immediate release

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]ress release: August 8, 2015, the Peace Committee of the Nuer Community in United of America and Canada (PCNC) join their fellow Nuer Community world-Wide today in condemning the dastardly acts of betrayal of the people of South Sudan by yet again Dr. Majak Agoot. The peace committee condemns Majak Agot in the strongest term possible for his cowardly and shameful act of using the name of the Nuer community to regain his shameful image from Dinkaism.

In the wake of December 15,2013 of Nuer massacred, also that lead the arrested of Dr. Majak Agoot, the Nuer Community along with SPLM/SPLA IO recued Dr. Majak Agoot just only to betray the dead, The Nuer Peace Committee Condemned Dr Majak Agoot and asks him to stop playing the Nuer name and join Dinkas community altogether.

In the last 48 hours, the Nuer peace committee finds the follow acts by Dr. Majak Agoot:

First, he established a committee with Dinkas Elder of Dinka the so call Dinka Council of Elder and agrees to seize the internal issue within SPLM/IO as an opportunity to spread the lies that he, (Dr. Majak Agoot) and the relieved generals are in Contact and wants to create a New Party. This allegation was only proved as a desparate act of Anti-peace and Anti-Nuer Unity, there is no such a contact with relieve Generals

Second, Dr. Majak also, contacts Paul Malong, the chief of Staff of Dinka and South Sudan army to go to Nairobi and spoils the image of those who went who went to Nairobi for family visit as if he is in contact with them. Majak Agoot also falsely assured Paul Malong about his contact with the Nuer community as in Nairobi and therefore, there will be a group within the Nuer Community who will announce their defection and join his Newly Form Party and then to Juba.

Obviously this seems a well-planned and well-coordinated act of betrayal against the peace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the entire Nuer Community. We want to inform the people of South Sudan and the Nuer community that we are confident that we will soon discover the identity of perpetrators responsible for this contemptible act along with Dr. Majak Agoot, especially the Nuer money in Juba.

At this moment of confusion created by anti-peace, anti-Nuer Unity, uncertainty and naturally highly charged emotions, we earnestly appeal to the Nuer community to remain vigilance and not to rush to judgment.

The Nuer Peace Community that was selected in the United State and Canada to result any issues within the Nuer Community including those in the SPLM/IO is calling up on the community to stay focus on the peace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are calling upon all Nuer Community to stop pay attention to the lies spread by anti-peace and anti- Nuer Unity.

Signed by:

The Chairman of the committee

Gatluak Duop Dieth.


Gatluke Chuol Reat

The spokesman

Contact: +1 226-224-9599

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