Breaking: Two people killed in Yambio by an SPLA soldier

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ambio– Two people are reported to have been killed an hour ago in Yambio town by an SPLA soldier as a revenge.

The killing was triggered after an armed  local youth also known as arrow boys clashed with soldiers in the border point of Brisi of Gangura payam in the morning where three SPLA soldiers are said to have been killed by the local youth, one civilian was also killed.

The victims, according to our sources in Yambio, are Boda Boda drivers who were on standby doing their normal business when the SPLA soldier appeared and open fire on them leaving two of them dead.

This has caused huge panic to the local population in Yambio and people are fleeing to the bushes for refuge. moreover, the situation has remained  tense and a possible outbreak of fighting is foreseeable in the area between the local youths (Arrow boys) and the SPLA soldiers whom the local in the area calls ‘Dinka armed men’ and not trusted SPLA soldiers.

Wangdunkon Media is closely monitoring the situation in Yambio and will update you accordingly

A policeman killed himself

In a separate development, a police man killed himself today in Yambio town while at home with his brother. The deceased told his brother that “an evil spirit is in me and I feel like I should kill myself” but his brother thought it was a joke.

However, a source from his family who was contacted by Wangdunkon Media said that the deceased had an HIV infection two years ago but he has never been willing to share the matter with his family. As he keep getting sick every now and then, the family has finally come to know that the late was having HIV/AIDS. Upon knowing that he is known of having the disease, he then decided to kill himself.

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