1 dead, six wounded by rebel suspects in UN PoC Site in Malakal

UN's PoC site in Malakal

UN’s PoC site in Malakal


Malakal – One person is confirmed dead and 6 others wounded yesterday evening by armed personals suspected to be part of rebels forces who are in control of Malakal town.

“Yes, we suspect that they maybe be part of rebel forces since they are the one in control of Malakal town” ~ stated an aid worker working inside Malakal PoC.

Talking on phone from New PoC’s block J in UN’s Malakal base, Peter Obach, a Shilluk,  confirmed that the attackers are believed to be among those their mothers were gang raped by the combined government soldiers and Abu Chiok militia of Dinka during the time they were in Malakal.

“Those people (attackers) are among those their mothers were gang raped by government soldiers; it’s just an anger that have been in them for so long and now they want to revenge” ~ said Peter on phone.

Simon Deng, a Dinka, residing in New PoC Extionsion site in Malakal confirmed to us that “the rebel came and attacked us; we are civilians and we don’t have guns, but they came and opened fire on us with children around indiscriminately and many people have been wounded  and others killed” ~ Deng said in local Arabic and have been translated by Wangdunkon media

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