The Cool War between Governor Bakasoro and Dinka Council Elders

On the 15th of this month while addressing the local population in a conference in Western Equatoria State, Governor Joseph Bangasi Bakasoro spoken out loudly accusing the Dinka of lacking leadership and have failed the Country.

governorH.E Bangasi Joseph Bakasoro, Governor of Western Equatoria State
H.E Bangasi Joseph Bakasoro, Governor of Western Equatoria State
“Dinka leaders and their community have failed our country, South Sudan. What’s wrong with you people, wherever you go, problems and havocs follow? You ran from danger in your areas and only to come and cause havoc in our state. You don’t like peaceful coexistence of people. Your leaders need to look at themselves in the eye and find out why you are not welcomed by anyone anywhere in South Sudan” Said Bakasoro

Bakosoro compared Dinka community settlers in the area to a snake who found a sanctuary through the help of the owners of the house who refused deny snake an access but cries later when that snake bites him to death

“I blame the Moru Youths for allowing a snake into their house and crying loud for me to come all the way from Yambio to kill the snake….You have to just kill it why wait for me?” Governor Bakasoro asked

Dinka Council of elders responded:magok-madut

Magok Madut, member of Jieng Council of elders
Magok Madut, member of Jieng Council of elders
The Dinka council of elders, a group which claim the representation of Dinka tribes in the government of South Sudan, said

that it the statements of Bakasoro can ignites any potential attack on Dinka settlers in Mundri by the Moru Youth.

They termed the statements by the governor as “cowardice” and lacking unity. The tribal council elders urged Salva Kiir to take action against the governor for hate speech that could potentially cause unrest.

What was in the mind of Bakasoro

Governor Bakasoro was speaking as the only man surrounded by women who are helpless and incapable in fighting. Bakasoro was partly embarrassed by the cowardice of his people in the area who have constantly been enslaved in their own ancestral land by mere settlers from their neighborhood. Bakasoro felt that his youth wouldn’t do anything to put an end to all the impossible things being created in their land by Dinka of Lake State.

Humiliation of Moru tribe in their land

The Moru community of Western Equatoria State has undergone some severe humiliation in their very own ancestral land. Their crops have not been producing anymore as their farms are made grazing ground for cattle by Dinka; Their freedom of movement is quite restricted with absolute danger of moving in some areas; Their women can no longer go to the bush for firewoods due to fear of getting raped in the bush by the roving Dinka cattle keepers, many more have silently been happening forcing governor Bakasoro to speak out.

Way forward

As the tribal Dinka council of elders have proposed from president Kirr to deal with Bakasoro, things may turn the oppositie direction. Many analysists believes that president Kirr’s best advisory board is the Dinka council elders. It’s where he believes he is given the right advices on the matters concerning the governance of the Country.

Bakasoro has been part of the voices that calls for federation of the Country, a call rejected by President Kirr and his cohorts including that tribal council of elders

Should president Kirr take any unconstitutional action against Bakasoro like removal as he usually does with elected governors, all of us could tell and predict how the excellent Bakasoro will react despite the weakness and cowardice of his youth. President Kirr, don’t try this!

Moru youth are now preparing for possible clearing of their bushes and land from wrong settlers and the best story on this will be tell by the so call Dinka settlers in the area. Dinka settlers, can you quickly move before rain fall with fire?

We will keep you updated on that hostory

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